Seeing through the blur of passion we are elevated. Bite marks and scratches painted on the canvass of our bodies. We satisfy an urge for each other. Only God himself could harness a greater attraction. We inhale each others essence like air to lungs. Overdosing on each others flesh like heirs and heiresses to Kingdoms unfathomable. Our homes aren’t much but our bedrooms are throne rooms. And every item immediately becomes apart of the act. Next scene. Her back arches over the desk. Next Scene. She pulls up on the door way; her waist rests on my face. Next scene. I push up her cervix, forcing her toes to speak sign language. Her vagina salivates like a baby teething. I push back her legs to dig deeper. I pound hard enough to shake the split ends at the tip of her hair. And for a brief moment her mind unscrambles its gibberish enough to say”don’t pull out”. And I won’t.

At the truest form of sex we are lost in oblivion then climax at the same time to form a new religion. For a brief moment we are Gods. The sweat shining against our skin reveals our armor. As I soften up and pull out, what I leave in her is my toll to arrive in our heaven.

There are no limitations with true sex.

It can only be obtained at the core of ones being. Sex merging with ambition. She wants me to reinvent the wheel inside her. Unraveling the mesh of her emotions and exposing her to the blueprint of who she truly is. And as the elasticity of her walls vibrate from my withdrawal she is given glimpses of perfection. Like staring at paradise through a key hole.

True sex is not lust nor love, it is in itself a miracle. Our eyes roll back and for a brief moment we gaze upon Eden. Observing the first sin committed by Eve and the first betrayal committed by Adam.


Our aftermath results in scars, broken bed springs, bruises, soaked sheets, chipped night stands, punched in wall plaster, and ripped pillow cases gouged of angel feathers. We have no recollection of precisely what happened. For during true sex you are no longer yourself. Passion escalating you to a plain where humans don’t belong, and only Gods exist.