I'm a simple man. Life is short and I'm trying to smile everyday. My name is Theophilus and all I can ever be is Theophilus. Hell, if National Geographic wanted to follow me around for a day to observe a "Wild Theophilus", I'd be down for it. My stories and my creations are fragments of who I am. I don't believe in holding back; I believe in full expression. There's a reason why you sit at a desk all day and wonder about something else. There's a reason why something fascinates you and you can't help but fall into the void of your obsession. My creativity is my get away. It's my story. Both my creation and destruction. My insecurity and my God complex.

I navigate through laughter. Some shit is just funny lol. I'm sorry. Sometimes you can only laugh at yourself. Let's lighten up a little. I mean it. So what if you got fired? You're boss probably has an STD. I don't know. Imagine Young Thug teaching an english class. Do what ever you need to do to smile. Go to your girl's house and rearrange her refrigerator, just to make her upset. Add twerking as a skill on your resume. 


(What if Thots had resumes? Years of experience....interests.....Even their address would be funny. You know Thots are always staying at somebodies place. You can reach em on instagram though.)


Alright that's enough lol. Enjoy life. Move forward. And don't hold back. 

Enjoy the site. 




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Photo by danielfela/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by danielfela/iStock / Getty Images