We must feel and engage life. Let your passions take over. We are born to create necessary changes. Lands face a drought and then rains come to nourish the land. We are no different. But we can't improve any area of life if we do not embrace who we are. What good are you to this world, stuck in a job you hate or conducting yourself in activities that mean nothing to no one- including you. If you feel like fighting then fight. If you feel like you want to tell someone You're thinking about them then tell them. As long as you express yourself in a productive manner, I'm all for it. That's who I am. I don't punch walls when I get upset. I write. I work out. I spar. I write lyrics. I find the root of the problem and attack it. 


I want to feel every moment. I appreciate life by not wasting time. Yes, that means no dumb conversations. Ladies if you dare talk to me about a shoe or an accessory, I will happily ask you to change the topic. 



I am a creative. NY born and raised mad man that started off as a mad boy. This life of ours is both blissful and difficult, the perfection mixture of heaven and hell. I'm just recalling my experiences and daring to materialize what I see in my head. Sure I'm nuts. But there's truth to our dreams. There's truth to our creativity. It's our existence. We leave our marks on this world by stabbing who we are into it. We cause normalcy and conformity to tear away at it's undisclosed declarations that indoctrinate us for what? So many people are governed by false, unwritten laws that never existed. I don't live that way. Having people tell you who you are to become and what your role is in this life and mediating your life by the mouths of these limited minds is foolish.

Conquer yourself. Live at the point of your existence where you feel most alive. Become your own King or Queen. I am King.

Laugh with me. Learn me. Grow with me. Make me better. Or...be bold enough to declare your opposition. Don't be afraid to be who you are. And If you get lost along the way...remember.

Oh I'm sorry this is about me...ummmm my name is Theo. And I love...truth.

True Thoughts: If you give up on your dream, then how will your life play out? I don't want to be in my last day still thinking one day things will be great.