Kole pants and breathe's harder than ever. He's frantic. Sweat is poking through his pores to get a peak at the action. "AAAHHH. AAAAAHHH". He can't stop screaming. The rush of the fight was still in him, along with the fear of almost being killed. He moves around on the ground, enough to kick up dirt. It almost seems as if another fight had ensued. Kole's right arm is of no use to him at the moment. He remembers that as he tries to get up using both arms. The pain of his attempt sends him back down to the ground, gripping his right arm as if it were falling off. Seeing him like this makes Asia want to call someone for help. That can't happen now. She just has to deal with this by herself. "Kole"! She screams, trying to get him to focus and calm down. "Kole"!


The second time around the name registers. His neck stops moving around; positioning his body towards the next threat. For a moment he just stops. The kicked up dirt settles. And he just allows the ground to take him. His breathing slows down dramatically. The sweat from his forehead recedes back into his pores. Asia approaches him slowly. "Kole....it's ok....it's ok". Tears begin to form in her eyes. "Kole"? She kneels down and touches his injured arm. Her touch upon him sends a chill up his spine. He screams, "GET OFF OF ME. DON'T FUCKIN TOUCH ME". The adrenaline of the event still coursed through his body, along with the images of Asia and another man. His abruptness sends Asia 5 steps back. "KOLE I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU"! She screams. The tears in her eyes shake out in her aggression. Then the real pain within Kole finally surfaces. And for the first time in weeks he says his first words; continuing from the last conversation he had. "WHY DON'T YOU GO HELP NATE? GO HELP NATE LIKE YOU DID LAST TIME. HOW LONG WERE YOU HELPING HIM FOR? THREE MONTHS? FOUR MONTHS? GO FUCK NATE"! Asia tightens the grip in her fist. "KOLE I TOLD YOU I WAS SORRY. I'M SORRY. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT". She pleaded for Kole's forgiveness.


With every passing moment his face seemed less and less interested in the apology. "Asia stop apologizing it's pointless. You did what you did. And I'm sorry but I can't forgive you for that." Kole wishes he could forgive her. He misses her but the constant idea of her with another man changes her beauty to him. Where once she was pure now she's disgusting. Where she once was classy, he now finds her to be whorish. She begs again, "KOLE I MADE A MISTAKE. PLEASE....I LOVE YOU"!. His eyes teared at her words. Nate betraying him was a huge blow. Nate looked him in his eye before the cruise ship left and said "Be safe Bro, call me when you get back". Kyle looked at his hand and remembered shaking Nates hand. The man that had slept with his wife. And then he looked at her. The image of her with another man had haunted him every night since then. He knew it wasn't good to hold on to anger but the pain was too intense. It only made sense to hurt her as much as he was hurt. He pulls himself to his feet from a sturdy branch. Asia waits for him to approach. He limps over to her. He's afraid that he might physically hurt her if he touches her, so he keeps 5 feet between them. His eyes stare into the core of who she is. With all spiteful intent he says in a soft voice, "Asia after what you did, I will never love you. You disgust me. You disgust your family. You are an embarrassment to your mother. And most of all yourself. You killed the love we had when you shared it with a man that I called a friend. Don't tell me you love me after that. Please for my sake...don't. I don't want to touch you ever again. I won't want to see you ever again. And if we ever make it off this island, don't find me". Asia's eyes sucked in the demon that he just spewed out. No one in her life had ever said those words to her. Yet she knew that people thought them. She knew how her mother felt about her promiscuousness. She knew how her friends talked about her behind her back. She turned her face away from Kole's; away from everyone's opinions and her own opinions of her not-so-proud actions. Before her true tears fell her feet tried to escape them. She bolted pass Kole and ran into her blurry vision. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING"! Kole shouts. "ASIA STOP"! He shouts even louder.


The branches and plant life that she runs through don't slow her down. They nick and scratch at her body but the pain doesn't stop her. She feels deserving of the punishment. Deserving of their rejection. Deserving of Kole's rejection. Not far behind Kole follows. His original intent to hurt her was an impulsive action. Actually, seeing her cry bothered him. The same plants and branches nicked at him. His desire to get to her over powered them. He screamed, "ASIA STOP!...STOP"!. He follows her out of the forest and onto the sand. She's kneeling down. The tears running out of her face change the shade of the sand beneath her. He slows down. "Asia *gasp* it's *gasp*ok". No matter how angry he was at her, he couldn't just leave her like this. The pain of his right arm overtakes him and he collapses next to her. "Look we can work through this......we'll get through this". Asia looks him the eyes. She sees something familiar. She sees the man that loves her. Its been too long since she's been held. And he just wants to hold her. She throws herself at him. Pain shoots down his right arm but he catches her. Her tears fall on his chest. "Kole i'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive me". The words "I forgive you" stop in his throat. He needs to be the better man. And like it or not he took a vow before God. He swallows his anger and says, "I.....I...I'll try baby. I'll try".




*I'm sorry it took me so long to finally post this conclusion. Honestly, I didn't realize so many people were reading it and awaiting the conclusion. As you can see I write A LOT, and I'll make sure to never keep you all waiting that long ever again. I thank everyone for enjoying the work. I promise to keep writing.