Another unsuccessful attempt. Day 29 of the island and he still hasn't mastered this. If he doesn't figure it out soon his injuries will prevent him from any more attempts. He'll be forced into finding another alternative. He took so much for granted back home. All he wanted was a cup for a berry juice that he was trying to make. The coconuts were so high up on such flimsy trees. Blood was starting to fill his face like sand in a sand clock. His will was defeated but he knew that he couldn't stay like this forever. "Either i'm going to cut this vine or hang here till I die", he says. A moist sigh gives slight relief of his dry throat. He grabs the knife latched in his under garment. He begins sucking air in through his nose and blowing it out his mouth. In out in out in out in out in out in out. He swipes the knife towards his right leg. "SNAPPPP"! The vine releases its grip from his legs and whip lashes into the oblivion of the tree tops. Kole closes his eyes, and waits to hit the soft patch of dirt far enough beneath him.

She hears a loud Thud!! about 30 yards away. As her head shakes in disappointment, the soft grass twisted at the ends of her braids rubs together and makes a rubber-like noise. "He's such an idiot", she says. No matter where she was, today was her day to relax. While looking for small fruits yesterday, she stumbled upon light blue orchids. She sat in the sand staring at the vast sea in front of her. "This isn't home, but it isn't all bad either", she thought to herself. A light blue wave washes up towards her toes and reminds her of the orchids. She reaches in her bra and grabs a small handful of flowers. A thought of her mother rushes her brain. Her back hunches over, face pouts, and then she says in a slightly deeper feminine voice, "If your titties were bigger you could've grabbed more". "Hmm hmm hmm", she laughs as a miniature smile begins to form on her face. She presses the petal against her fingernail several times. The nails begin to tint to a light blue color. Her smile widens slightly. "Ahhh this is marvelous", she proclaims. "In the middle of no where and somehow I can still look pretty, GO ME"! She gets a sudden urge to show him but she remembers why she can't. Her celebration is then further interrupted by a memory narrated by that same slightly deeper feminine voice. The voice resonates,"Asia I don't know what has gotten into you but I raised you better than that. Why would you do such a thing"? As the memory takes precedent over her victory she links back to that loud Thud. And for a brief moment she thinks about Kole.

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