Kole wakes up slightly dazed. He fell 28 feet. "Come on legs move". "Please dear God just move" he pleas. Laying there he gives his body a second to recuperate. The sheer scent of the soft pile had grown on him by this point. It was one of his greatest inventions. For his first few attempts at getting the coconuts he had taken a few hard tumbles to the ground. He came up with an idea to create a huge pile of soft dirt and manure. The results proved rewarding as he only suffered a few small bruises after the invention. No more serious sprains or tears. His shoulder still wasn't properly healed from fall number 5. But he still had no exact idea as to how he would get these coconuts or how to maintain his energy level. The adrenaline of these falls took everything out of him. At this current point he found himself covered in shit and exhausted. Hopefully, the smell won't attract any other animals. His body gives in as he accidentally drifts into sleep.

"Asia! Asia! Asia! You here me Talking to you!", Screams the slightly deeper feminine voice. "Yes Mam!" shouts Asia abruptly from her sleep. The peace of the shore/boredom  caught her off guard yet again. "How long have I been sleep", she asks anything that will listen. Standing to her feet, she wipes the sand off her face, legs, and butt. "Can't just sleep all day, I gotta find something to do", she once again tells anyone that will listen. She didn't want this place to be her tomb, but she also knew that the likelihood of her getting home was slim to none. "Might as well enjoy it" she says to herself. She looks towards the denser region of the forest and decides to go an adventure. Her curious nature is what found those blue orchids. As she takes a few steps into the forest she sees a body laying on the ground. Then she remembers the Thud from earlier. It's Kole. He's breathing but he's definitely knocked out. "I guess you won't be needing this", she slowly grabs the dagger out of Kole's hand. "Besides a lady needs to feel protected", she says. She puts two handfuls of manure in a small leaf pouch that she made. In a loud whisper she over enthusiastically shouts "Let the adventure begin"! As she walks forward she places small patches of manure on the ground every few yards.

The forest is amazing. The smells, sights, and life enchant her. Pretty flowers mixed with colorful lizards light the path towards her destination. The sound of soft ruffling leafs  add the feel of a light percussion instrument to a jazz ensemble. "This is amazing", she says to herself. After years of working some bull shit retail job and never getting a vacation, this was her get away. This was her reinvention of her childhood. Sunlight casting itself between tree branches reveals larger animals hiding amongst the bushes. She slows her pace to not disturb them. "I wonder what things look like from up above" she thinks. To satisfy her curiosity she begins to climb the nearest tree. With no concern for poison or hidden animals she naively makes her way to the top. The change in air quality allows her to take a deeper breath. "Mom would've loved this", she says to anyone who'll listen. "She would have been afraid at first, but she really would've loved this", says Asia. Her bliss is suddenly interrupted by a noise from a few yards below. She sees two large animals wrestling. Naturally, she has to get closer. Asia incautiously makes her way down the tree, places another small patch of manure on the floor and begins to move forward.

Things like this never happened in the country, or city for that matter. Seeing animals like this in the wild was fascinating to Asia. As she gets closer she could make out two Gorillas. Her curiosity overcomes her fear of the massive creatures as she dares to press forward towards the action. Opposed to going head on into a possibly dangerous situation, she circles around the event. The sheer aggression of the animals makes all other animals within the vicinity flee. The tall plants rattle like large vibrating green cell phones. Every 3 seconds, beneath her feet she feels the soil shake. She has to get closer. The noise coming from them is intense. Asia decides to stop. Her fear won't allow her to move any further. 10 feet and 3 or 4 curved plants separate her from the event that has this part of the forest shocked. Asia slowly places her hands on the bend of the plants curving them out of her vision. The gorillas were not fighting. They were mating.


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