Asia can't stop staring at the carnal nature of what is in front of her. The male's aggression stills her blood flow as it does the movement of the jungle. The male roars and Asia's heart beat slows down. She begins to submit to his power as the female gorilla does. The plants shake with every pounding thrust. Slowly she begins to feel the vibrations tremble up her leg. Asia hears the rattling of the plants on her left. The shaking of their leaves echo to her as if they are trying to communicate with her. Telling her to submit. She turns back to the Gorillas. As her eyes mold themselves to the mating, the vibrations of the ground begin to climb up her leg. After several minutes they've managed to reach her inner thigh. Sexual images of the last man she had slept with begin to flicker in her brain. She gasps, "Oh God...(gasp)...oh God". Her eyelids close, forcing her to take in the images. His power resembled the male Gorilla's. A quick image of her being bent over in front of him flashes in her brain. The feeling of his nuts smacking against her clitoris, complimented with hair pulling sent a rush of blood towards her pelvis. The plants chant to her body. Her will to fight the resurgence of her sexual nature was losing itself. She gasped with every new image that came to her. "Ooh", she moans lightly. Her left breast tingles at the muscle memory of the groping of his hands. As the male Gorilla roars the man from her memory growls. The tremble reaches her clitoris. She gasps deeper as if she were drowning. The surprise of the sensation makes her collapse to her knees.

The roaring of the Gorillas became her background noise. This was too intense. The ground now had hold of Asia's body giving the vibrations total power. Now her body shook every few seconds. Her nipples understood the message of the plants from earlier. The image of her being bent over comes back into her mind. So she bends over. The nearest plant shakes and tells her to submit further. She unravels the lace holding her bottom garment together, exposing her wetness. The contact of air to her vagina stimulates her senses. She re-imagined her mystery man's breath against her lips. Without changing her current position, she inches her exposed vagina toward the plant. Her lips lightly press against the plant. "Oh yes", she moans. The Gorilla roars/he grunts. "Ooh" she moans. The colder touch of the plant sent a sexual chill down her spine and goosebumps down her leg. But the vibrations against her clit wouldn't let her move. Her muscles had tightened, locking her into place. Laying her chest down completely, she pushes the soil further arching her back. Her lips were now completely pressed against the smooth plant. It's narrow frame caused her lips to wrap fully around it. Another hard thrust from the male Gorilla sent a tickling sensation through her vagina and anus. Her lips salivated around the plant. The colder touch no longer mattered. She arched her back more causing a deeper vibrating sensation as her nipples touched the ground. "Yes....yes....yes", she submits. Her hands squeezed the dirt tighter as she began to gyrate her pelvis up and down the plant. Her eyes remained closed as she is lost within her desires. Asia's body and the vibrations of the plant were beginning to communicate.

"Oh man what happened" says Kole, finally coming to his senses. His stomach growls giving him a reminder. "Oh thats right I fell trying to get those fucking coconuts", he says. He slowly gets to his feet. He feels a slight pain as he raises up his torso and corrects his posture. "Must've sprained a rib", he concurs. He takes a deep breath and expands his chest. The pain comes back. "Yea it's definitely a bruised rip". "Ok I really have to get those coconuts", he proclaims, trying to motivate himself. His head swivels lift and right looking towards the ground, "where the hell is my knife?". "Oh fuck it", he says while throwing down his fist. He reaches for a substantially smaller knife that he has rolled under his shorts. "This will have to make due", he thinks. He circles around the tree thinking of a better way to climb it. His toe hits a small colder patch of manure on the ground. "What is this?", he questions. Looking at where he landed in retrospect to the placement of this manure, his eyebrow raises. "How could this have gotten over here?" He looks to the ground and notices the trail of small patches of manure. He slowly follows the trail; knife in hand.

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