Kole hears a loud roar in the distance that immediately grabs his attention. "The hell is that", he asks. He hasn't had a full meal in weeks. A cold shiver climbs at his back. In a low tone he says to himself, "Whatever it is, it’s big". His stomach interrupts his internal conversation with a loud "buuurrrrpp". No matter what happened he had to eat. With nothing to lose and a potential meal on the forefront, he moved forward. His mind starts to wonder, "Why would this thing take some manure from my landing spot? And why didn't it just kill me"? At this denser part of the forest the plants and tree life stood still. Kole could now identify two different noises one roar more powerful than the other. Whatever was happening there was definitely a male present. As he stood still he could feel tremors underneath his feet. "Am I ready for this?” he thinks to himself. "Whatever it is I can't take it head on. Thats suicide". Kole looks up. "I can stand on that branch and good view of whatever it is". He takes a deep breath and moves towards the  vantage point.

The stiffness of the plant life unsettles him. It's not like it was a very windy day, but the plants stood as if they had seen a ghost. Upon arriving at the tree he takes a look at the leaves on it and moss at its base. He cautiously climbs. It takes him 10 minutes to climb the tree opposed to Asia's eight. The higher branch is slightly out of his range so he pushes up from the tree in a jumping motion. The over extension of his right arms reminds him that his ribs are still bruised. Though he was in shape, the strain of him pulling himself up to the branch was agonizing. Upon lifting his left foot to uplift the rest of his lower body he laid flat on his stomach. He needed to take a breather. He hadn't fully recovered from the previous fall earlier. Not too mention his new appreciation for heights didn't help his nerves. He cycled his breathing, with the same thoughts rotating throughout his mind. "In through your nose, out through your mouth, in through your nose, out through your mouth". Within minutes his blood pressure slowed down and he was calm. "Good" he said. With a serene mindset and focus he was ready to get back to the task at hand. His stomach growls louder than before "bbbbbuuuurrrpp". He smirks, and then replies, "It's time to eat".

The roars no longer tore at his will. Kole's hunger had completely taken over. Now thinking about much at all, he decided to rely on his instincts. From this viewpoint he could see that the noises were coming from two Gorillas. Kole's 6''2 height advantage over Asia also gave him a clear scope of the event taking place. He smiled at the sight. "I didn't know it was mating season". Then an idea excites silences Kole's stomach. He grabs the knife a little tighter and eagerly goes down the tree. He knows his plan can only work before the male climaxes.

Unhinged from the reality of Kole's injuries he drops from the tree onto his feet at a reasonable height. As soon as his feet tough the ground Kole relies on his instincts to dictate his pace. He remains quiet and swiftly moves toward the mating ground. He ducks and lunges, under face height plants and troublesome plant life below. Whatever noise he makes isn't as important to him, so small twigs don't counter his movements. But larger branches or moss would've slowed him down. Kole's body arrived to within a safe distance from the action within three minutes. His breath was still two minutes behind him. Though he was in shape, his "city" lifestyle prior to his arrival on the island had not prepared him for survival within the jungle. The pores on his face opened up just enough for small beads of sweat to form. His lungs inflated and deflated at a faster tempo. To calm his nerves he moved slowly towards the mating while cycling his breath, in through his nose and out through his mouth. The plants of the region didn't flow through the breeze of the wind. They shook to the rhythm of the male’s thrusts. Kole attempted to pace his movements to their unison as to not to alert the male to his presence. The Male Gorilla had picked the perfect spot to mate with this female. Kole could see that it would be difficult to sneak up on the 6'1 seemingly 230 pounds, of solid Muscle, male. There was no plant life around them for about 10 feet. The male seemed to have found an empty patch of smooth, flattened dirt. With no plants to serve as Kole's camouflage he began to circle around the action. He paces his movements to the timed rhythm of the plants. But he notices one particular plant moving to it's own accord. For fear that there might be another animal within this vicinity, just as foolish, brave, and hungry as himself. He stood still to assess the situation. He slowly took a few steps towards the awkward movement of this taller plant. The hunger in him triggered his anger. No matter what happened, he was not going to go another moment without eating.

Asia's couldn't stop herself. As her forehead laid face down in the dirt her blood pumped intensely through her body. The vibrations sent intense chills through her body that stumbled her breathing pattern. Breath from deep within her showering the plants below her. Her body convulsed as she imagined being entered. The soft patch of moist dirt was freed from her left hand has she reached to rub her clitoris. Her fingers rub aggressively, as the vein in forehead begins to protrude. Her jaw pries itself open then locks in place. The multiple vibrations send her body into orgasm. Her eyelids open slightly to reveal a white haze as soft as a pearl. The body she once knew is completely taken over. It locks into place and then shakes from within. Her knees give out, causing her to kick violently. Disturbing the rhythm of several other plants. She drops her legs and then sucks them back in towards her chest. Another orgasm expels from her body as she shivers in the fetal position. Finally, catching her breath and her senses, the pupils of her eyes roll back to their neutral position. Regaining focus they reveal to her an image standing in front of her. She slowly looks up to see tense abs, bulging bicep veins, and gritting teeth. She looks into eyes and for a second almost doesn't recognize whose in front of her. It's Kole! And he is angrier than she's ever seen.

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