For a moment the ground stops shaking. The sounds of the Gorillas are flushed out by something much more gruesome. The veins in Kole's hand protrude as his grasp on the knife tightens. The blood rushing to his face stains his skin, causing a blotch in the overall landscape of the mating grounds. Asia's naked body offended him like a Nazi saluting his right hand to Jews while in temple. Asia's eyes meet with his. She never meant to cause him so much pain. The anger in his face was the same as the day he found out the truth within their brief marriage. The guilt struck her core. It was almost as if she had cheated on him all over again. The love she feels for him, runs towards her hand. She wants to grab his face and tell him again again 'Kole I'm sorry"! "I'm so, so, sorry"!. But this isn't her Kole. This isn't the man that loved her. And deep down she knew, that she was responsible for that.

An awkward roar breaks the silence between them. Kole grabs a hold of himself and understands what just happened. He didn't have much time. Using the recently generated aggression form the sight of Asia he lunges towards her. Asia's body stiffens expecting impact. Kole had never struck her before but this wasn't her Kole. His hand abandons her face and aims at her waste grabbing his original dagger, dropping the smaller dagger on the floor. The male gorilla won't be as aggressive as normal after climax. Kole moves swiftly pass the larger plant life. He slows his heart rate and takes advantage of the ambiance of the scenery conforming to that of the rest of the jungle. This segment, this section, this area was no longer at the mercy of the male gorilla. Everything was fair play.

Kole's eyes found a vantage point through the fog of plants. The Male Gorilla's back was in front of him. Having only ten feet to catch the Gorilla off guard, Kole couldn't afford to make any mistakes. The scent of Asia's vagina road on a stream of evaporation, hitting Kole's nose. The thought of her with another man found it's way to his heart. Kole lunges at the Gorilla, with the point of the dagger aimed forward. It's inexperienced intent was as desperate as his own. His face breaks through the traffic of plant life. A gleam of light embraces the metal of the blade. There was no more cover.

A female Gorilla's sense of smell is 20% stronger than a male's. Closing the gap between himself and the male Gorilla, Kole's swiftness is countered by the female's survival instincts. As Kole lunges forward The female's roar alerts the male. The dagger enters the males throat as he turns towards the threat. Holding on for dear life Kole keeps the blade pressed against the animals throat. In a final attempt at survival the male manages the grab Kole with its massive left hand. Kole feels the muscles in his right shoulder tweak as the grip compresses his nerves. For a brief moment Kole loses feeling in his right arm. It becomes a struggle to hold onto the blade. The violent thrashing of the animal becomes a living roller coaster. It tosses Kole into the unsafety of the open space. With no dagger in hand or feeling in his right arm, he is at the mercy of the beast. The rage that fueled him to take this lung had succumb to his fear. As the animal moves toward him he frantically kicks and pulls himself toward the crowd of the plant life. But his left arm isn't strong enough. The gorilla's strength had conquered Kole's bravery. Only fear and instinct could survive a head on encounter with the beast or lack thereof. On the brink of death the animal still manages to seek vengeance. It's eye's were locked onto Kole's weakened state. Before the lack of oxygen fully compromises the animals brain it slowly reaches out it's massive arm to grab Kole. The beasts finger tips graze Kole's ankle as hands from within the haze of trees break through the barrier and cast a shadow over Kole's arm. They fasten themselves to his fingers for dear life and pull Kole into the plant life.

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