I sat in a movie theater
Less than 20 viewers in attendance
I paid 11 dollars and 25 cents for this sentence
18 Minutes until I'm starting my confession

Commercials testing my patience till I go off
Lights dim
I remember to cut my phone off

Bottles of liquor, his sips to make him sicker
As I'm thinkin I'm sinkin
My thoughts sink quicker

Slurred mannerisms begin to make me quiver
As I see Denzel and think
Why does he look familiar

Then a facial gesture triggers my own memories
I'm watchin this movie
But somewhere else mentally

He collapses and then my brother collapses
He takes another sip and then my brother relapses

Fallin into glass
Blood spillin on the steps
Neighbors seein everything
They was chillin on the steps

Moms cursin at him
He's on the ground with Kim
She's naive
So she screams
Why'd you do this to him

I fasted from this pain
now I fast forward to fist fights
Of BS that I've been dealing with
All my life

Battles with an Alcoholic
Whose strung on Crack
He's not smarter
But he has a 14 year gap

This great acting has me in my seat gasping
As if my brother was in the Casting

It concluded but I left the movie polluted
then I drove back to the homes
Where the memories had rebooted

Right there at the spot
My brother was pinned by the cops
I was walking home from school
with some friends from up the block

Charged with assault from some chick he smacked
He resisted arrest and his rib got cracked
But that was my norm
Nothin was different
I just walked up the steps
to the attic that we lived in.

The violence, and the chaos all hit me at once
All the memories in the back
were now pushed to the front

Thoughts triggered from a movie I just watched
Reliving pains from memories I forgot.


*Note: I tried not to put any spoilers in this. Sorry If I did. The movie did bring back difficult memories for me. But it also helped me to understand my brother's addiction. I got to personally see how he may think in certain situations when he's all alone. I've never been an addict so I don't know what that is like, but I have a better idea now. Personally, from me to you, I ask that you pray my brother someday overcomes his habit before it's to late. In our weakness we all need to find strength. Pray that he finds his. Thank you.



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