Though I fathom you at home wearing nothing but an apron
I know that you are at work right now

Though I imagine your body to be curvy and flawless
I know that the stressors of life have stretched their marks across your stomach

Your hair might be shorter than I expect
because chemicals created are not meant to maintain "your hair".
And you might not have the time to go natural.

In my mind you appreciate everything I do
But you've probably hurt a few good men before me
Lord knows that I have been slain
But you have never been my swordsman

And as I crave your adornment
I have to make time for you to be selfish.
For you are more than an assortment of pleasures in my mind

I dream of you and not your past, so it's up to me to get pass it
The number of guys, number of times, who what when and where never occurred to me
but that shouldn't devalue your currency-unless who you were and who
you are, are the same person currently

Besides, who dreams of a flaw
What woman pictures the mistakes of her wedding?
Is there any difference in what I see versus what I'm getting?

Our dreams are clumsy enough to never trip over the obstacles
And makes the process of who we see vs what we want impossible

If Ms. Perfect preserved her purpose inside my purchase
Then her needing me is ultimately worthless

I close my eyes n see our kids
Big smiles big house
What we put in life, will match what we get out
So prior kids will just require a bigger couch

My dream girl I'm sorry for how I've dreamt you
Stuck in my brain
I'm sorry that's where I left you

I shouldn't expect you to be so perpendicular
Cause I like what I like so you'll probably look similar

I dream of the woman you are
Embrace that from which you came
Curse ways you hate yourself
And take on the burden of your pains

In my mind you calm me down when I'm upset
And protect me like a queen
In a long game of chess

Nightmares coexist with dreams
As we live or die in clarity
My dream girl
I dream of your reality


p.s. Thanx Renee. And thank you to every female ever in my life that dared or cared to inspire me.



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