-Mind Drift- a term that I use to describe a leak of thoughts. It is a moment where words come to you and you just have to write them down on something as they come. This particular piece was written while I was driving (at the stop lights of course).


As another man fertilizes her egg. It burglarizes, in vague, the idea that her words ever meant something. It’s amazing how your once everything can mean nothing.

Astonishing how someone you once loved can disrespect you.
The irony, of how you would have died for them. And they would have let you. Oh don’t you feel so special.

Don’t you feel that new light beyond which candle lit breaks has suddenly hit your face.

You find yourself in a bed room. With some new bitch telling you to come back to bed soon.

Some other female who barely knows you. Thinks she can fix you and wants to hold you. And all you want to do is be the old you. But out of fear of being hurt you ignore whatever your heart just told you.

So I’ll tell you to listen because I love you enough to help.
But it’s not really about you, because I’m talking to myself.



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