Is it just a kiss or a preview of sex.
A donation of my soul into yours that tells you I want to bond with you
I want to connect to you

One touch of flesh and we find ourselves in a slow tango
The more soft the more ripe like mangoes
The sweet Music of your hearts silence
Internal noise makes the world quiet
Tongue sucking regulates blood pumping
Aggression Channeled through Simultaneous flesh confessions

Her lips challenge my cockiness
And exude my confidence
to back up flirtatious compliments
It's like we're having a meal
And our mutual teasing adds precise condiments

Is this love?
Or lusts graceful costume
That in her mind fathoms me as her groom
Battles me at her womb
My dominance babbles to her tomb
Are we dying?
Though I haven't felt more alive
Do we want this
Or have we just been deprived

Soft lips create soft addictions
My lips and dick demand prescriptions
Prescribed by a doctor, whose credentials are irrelevant to her potential

Curves voluptuous lips succulent
man or animal
Does she know who she's fuckin wit
Her natural black fullness
As while women nip tuck this
As she speaks I fight to tame myself
Unsure of her emotions
And if the same is felt

I'm sure she knows she wanted
Just not sure if she knows she's being hunted
Or perhaps her clever scheme makes her the huntress
And me the gazelle whose instincts are stunted

Are those lips or scissors
That are soft blades that cut to cores
A growl runs through my pores
I haven't had them and I want more
Running to them on Friday night like liquor stores
Wanting to Kiss her neck
To put her legs in a figure four

She fights back

My aggression

She likes that

An innate sensation stimulated
by a dormant language that God created
We have officially been syndicated
As something better than ourselves is assimilated

Damn Those Lips

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