We're not together anymore, But if a man ever hurt her I'd hurt him

We share a daughter and if he disrespects her mother then he disrespects me

The sun no longer shines through a window pane on her back as her face is on my chest. But don't think she doesn't wear my vest. Don't think papa bird is far from his nest.

Don't think her tears equate to a simple argument between you and her. Like my skin doesn't feel the truth in her. Like my blood doesn't flow in the opposite direction, that forces my body to avert for her protection.

My heart beats like it isn't mine

Cause my chest is mined

Exploding with the true essence of a man's design

Love was lost but never refined

Energy is never lost nor gained, so the energy that I placed in her will always be the same. And will always remain.

She had my heart and she can keep it, cause I've learned that I don't need it. I'd rather her keep it for warmth, than to find a random person to sleep with. God had made me strong enough to not need it. And God protect the man that hurts her with the woman that he cheats with.

Parts of me spread across locations times and distances

Yet I was still able to salvage myself into something magnificent

Words engraved as relationships decayed

And yet I never went back on promises made

I love you.....and I meant that

I'd never hurt you....and I kept that.

It doesn't bother me that I'd still give her the world; knowing that I couldn't be apart of it. Even if, to her, the emotions of our present is at the heart of it.

Underneath the vegetation of the world that I would have provided is her disdain for me; cohabited by the laws of "we need space" that I have abided.

And underneath that is the stoned heart that I left her with

Somehow still beating

with the same promises that I kept it with

Love Loyalty



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