Since when has love changed so much?

Oh Love how I wish I could take you on your best date
Sweep your off your feet and rise to the moon as we forget about the world
But you've changed so much since we last met

Nothing would please me more than remembering your birthday
Surprising you on our anniversary
Or telling you I love you just because
But it seems as though you don't want that anymore
Perhaps the time for me is outdated
Perhaps I love like the ancients

But if what I know, has been forgotten then please allow me to
reintroduce you to your roots
Lets argue and let me make it better
Place your head on my chest because that is your strength
Laugh at my jokes because they are meant for you
Love, how I would love for us to start over
Would you please sit with me and let us figure it out

Is it beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are coming back?
Because if not then I should extend past the shadows
Cause lord knows I'd travel past darkness to make you smile
Love I am your man
Your Gentleman
Allow me to protect you as you were intended to be protected
Without you I am lost
Without you I am unchallenged

Since when did love become such a large scale of trial n error where
the errors are the trials

Love, I've never known you to be so lost
I've never known you to give up
Yet I see that every time we meet your make up changes
Your hair is different
And opposed to seeking me you seek attention
Then sink in attention
Then get upset when the attention you get is disingenuous
Thirsty men claiming to be gentlemen

I never tried to take your body from you
You've always been my most cherished prize
Love lets go back
Lets cook together
Lets fuck in a park when no ones around
Claim to be single then make other females jealous by how good I treat you

Remember in our youth, we were lost in our innocence
A simple kiss was the semblance on all our benefits
I loved you wholeheartedly
Never seeing past today because without you there was no tomorrow
And since you left the next day became the next minute
So by my continuous clock its March 3rd 2011, 15, 840:00 am
I think my watch is broken

Whatever happened to our puppy love
Whenever your away from me your a lonely bitch
We were supposed to grow old together
instead we fight and grow cold together
Love, since when did you become so ugly
And why is it so hard for you to tell me that you love me
I live for you
Write for you
And would gladly give my life for you

But 51% of the time I can't hold you to your vows
And since I don't know how to "love" you, show me how

*I came up with title because this honestly felt like a sit down session that I was having with love and a marriage counselor. It's almost like the Therapist was telling me that it was my turn to speak and I did.



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