Stuck in this Passionate blasphemous trance
We're in this one life stand
Where our
Marriage was consummated in birth
Everyday we baptize each other in dirt
Chastise each other in our worth
Empty I love you's plant seeds in turf


We wake up where this all started
Where Oxytocin makes us think
We can make it regardless
Swear that we're not guarded
As your words are like teens
Constantly getting carded

The stress soon makes you bitter
As you go through my phone, Facebook, and twitter
Your clueless to the life that I tweet
So you stalk me as I sleepThis exciting life; I tweet about it
Now my closest enemy fulfills her need to read about it
Words kill her softly
Road kill in the street about it
As my flirting is hurting
The stress she can be without it

Wrong place wrong time for 3 years
Sentence to life with the wrong wife
Sweet fears

Those casual catastrophic meetings
Have build the foundation that lead to cheating
Overnight stays that involve "sleeping"

Making a decision based on tradition
In a time where 51% of marriages never really existed

We recite vows in a momentary plea before God
Times get hard
We momentarily flee before God

We were in love till death do us part
Now we're in love till checks do us part
Unaware of the ground so were best in the dark
As I pawn off who I am to play chess with my heart

Innocence on Playgrounds
Manufacture wedding rings on spaghetti strings
And it seems that as lose innocence
We lose everything
Different paths shed light on what we go through
As a man I have to lose my innocence
I have to lose you.



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