I slept wondering the reason to our pathology
Numb to it now I weep at my lobotomy
Hoping to surpass generalizations of our commoners
And prove false, theories of astronomers
Shedding truth to truths that have trooped
From one relationship to another yet have placed me next to you

My who what when where and why
My reason to never ruin a reason with I
The strong sensation to Thank God for my spoils
Yet unwaviering my stance keeping you spoiled
But these internal tears have made there way to my blood stream
Circulating through my body in iced beams
That serve as the beacon for stepping stones of past emotions
My hearts black ocean

Found at my core
Polluted seas, overbearing mist
Only greeted by the surfacing bellies of fish
"Hello my dead companion"
"Are you also stranded"?

Or brain damaged
at the strains abandoned
Of supposedly vaccinated flu shots
Of supposedly acclimated Jew Docs
My heart has been betrayed
My Jesus has met my Ju-Das
Tear gas for all the Ruckus
and Gun shots for the Hoopla

The hope of who we can be has seceded
As for once and again
I am defeated



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