I find myself thinking of a daughter that was never mine
How's she doin? is she fine?

I met this little girl
And felt the need to protect this little girl
As my love for her mother
draped over her covers

I got use to hearing her attempts at formulating words
She recognized my voice and I recognized hers
I got used to hearing her cry for food in her sleep
So as she was fed her mother stayed awake by talking to me

Yesterday I heard a mother scream REAGAN! from down the street
I thought of this little girl and hoped she was at peace
I hoped that she was happy and healthy n making her mother proud
And, Analyzing all the sights while decrypting all the sounds
And, Taking her mothers kisses with a smile
I hope she's as happy as she can be right now
And that's not even my child

I'm not her Father but I wasn't farther from the option
If something had happened to her father then she would have been adopted

Cause her innocence never deserved abandonment
Whether or not her existence was plan parented
Or whether his existence was concluded with candles lit

She was a little girl who I cared about that would always need a father
And I would help him stay alive if it meant that she would always have one

I'm just a man of many words whose committed to all of them
From the empowering of their meaning to the fall of them

I pray for this little girl n the salvation of her generation
And as a man of my word
When she gets older n needs someone to talk to
Ill be here waitin


Artistic Insight

Why I Chose this picture:


This  picture of Barack holding this infant is powerful. Due to the age of Barack versus the age of the infant; dependent on the axiom of your knowledge of the Presidents family, we know that this child is not one of Barack's daughters. Yet, you can see the fatherly concern in his face. Or you can at least identify with his instinctive emotion to not drop/protect this child. The baby is the priority. Just as in my poem, the daughter is my priority. So even as the title to this poem, and the picture, lead you to believe that this poem is about politics, the actual interpretation of the picture to me, is disbosomed in my content. It perfectly portrays the emotion that I feel towards the child. Barack nor I are the Fathers to these children yet we still care. I believe that a blog post is a different type of art because it is both visual and interactive. The poem is just the art the entire post is the art. This picture was perfect. In a sense it completes the painting.




I don't usually see a picture and then get inspired from that picture and write something. I write something and then for the sake of the blog try to find a visual representation of it.  I found this particular picture after I wrote the poem. I believe that God brought this to me.



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