She's come to enjoy the game with her man

But she's more entertained by our convos by concession stands

Her, Attractiveness to our newness in close proximity

Has caused us to find festivities within festivities

As she walks back to him she skims through possibilities

Standard Deviations, Fascinations, and probabilities

She sits next to him

But she sexts me

As our game within the game is contained obsessively


The cute appreciation of the prey and the hunted

And the desire for the wanted to be wanted

Her relationship complications versus our gratifying conversations

Lead to the re-emergence of her frustrations

In his excitement she resurfaces to keep bare maintenance

But her need to be tended to grows more and more impatient.

She tells herself to stop texting as her hands commit insubordination

My hands commit to her exploration

As my mind previews thoughts of how far she can be navigated


Can I lead this chick to water and make her drink

Can I make her scream in ways she'll never think


Her pussy isn't mine but for the moment her mind is

And if I have her mind in my hand

Then for the moment she's mindless


His intensity matches my propensity

To bring her to the bathroom for entry

As I give her my density

I left her up against a wall

And enter at a high trajectory

Our casual conversations of who does what behind what curtains

keeps her intrigued yet nervous

What I imply in my texts make her juicy

As her heightened emotions mix into a sweet smoothie


Shall I drink

Shall I drink


Shall I,

Pick a ripened fruit from another man's garden

It if taunts me till my beast hardens

She needs harvest

And I need to spread her legs and beg her man's pardon


Cup to my lips

Shall I drink

Cupped in her lips

Shall I drink



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