photo by hippie_girl

photo by hippie_girl

I learned how to treat a woman from a pimp who snorted lines

So if you let me in your head, you'll lose your mind

As I walk away with you brain in my briefcase

Your happy as if you won a sweepstakes

Clung to false hopes that I exuded

But clueless to the drug-like reality that i've eluded

You've never known love so I make it to you

A world never imagined so I take it to you

In the aftermath of my Dick your fatigue is my debris

But I haven't stopped so you pull on the sheets to retreat

Stimulating your cravings, we all love sweets

So you antagonize the chef, and I re-treat

Your body accepts my digs like dirt waits for cleats

You splash me with our nasty, I rinse and repeat

Sexual chemistry creating explosions chemically

The scientists rip off their lab coats to explore their energy

And your hooked

Taking flights to where ever I'm at, your booked

Reading my every move, you trace tracks, your nooked

It never occurs to you that I never see you

And you cling to me because I can always leave you

I'm the dense haystack and your the needle

That buys me more hay, So I can feel like I need you

But I don't so thats how I treat you

Yet coincidentally,

that's how I keep you

Reformed as a gentleman but crafted as a tainted Prince

The King sniffed and snorted the lines of a Pimp


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