You’re mad at me
Lol like always
Yet I’m hoping a few smirks can get you back
I’m hoping a couple bad jokes can make you laugh
Though I know you’ll fight it
I’m hoping that when I pull you to me you’ll let me hold you again
“I’m sorry babe”
“You forgive me”
And when you say no with that cute smirk on your face ill pout like a punk
Cause I’m your man
And your the only person I can be weak with
Forgive me without words
Rest your butt on me as I embrace you
Dirty whispers in your ear to make you blush
I love it when you say “sssttoooppp” as your smiling
You’ll struggle a little but never enough to break our connection
As you walk across the room I’ll stare at how amazing you are
And smack your ass before its out of reach
There goes that cute “sssstttooop” again
I love how you hate that I make you smile
But this is us and this is me
And I love this so I love you
The way you check on me
The way you try to make me better
The time you put in to look good for me
I notice
Why do you think I stare so much
See you’ll never be able to look inside my head and see what I see
Or know what it’s like to fall asleep and then wake up seeing the same woman from your dream
And lord knows I’m not perfect
Sometimes I do dumb things
Really dumb things
I look around and notice that where all others leave….you come back
More beautiful than you were when you left
And it’s so surreal ’cause I know ill never deserve you
Not me
Not the man that I am
But before I say sorry
Before I make you smile
Before I make you laugh
Let me improve this by saying thank you for coming back
And I love you
Let me Make it up to you
When’s your next day off
Lets go out
I wanna take you to your favorite restaurant
Right after I take you shopping
3 pairs of shoes for you
And try that lingerie on for me
And grab that massage oil, we can do somethings with that
This effort won’t excuse my dumbness
But understand that I’m smart enough to know that you’re everything
Now I can finally say I’m sorry


I hope this makes you feel a little bit better. As men sometimes we are horrible at communicating how we actually feel. Our egos don’t help either. Hopefully this is the letter that he wanted to write to you, but just couldn’t figure out the correct way to say it. I don’t mind helping out my fellow brethren. Now stop being so mean lol. Enjoy your evening love.

**Please excuse any typos. I wrote this pretty quickly. My bad lol**

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