Our relationship is her revolution as I use her to get back at my ex in retribution

Our toxic narcissisms' create pollution

I see our outcome in a 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution

Not clear enough for me to stop but, enough to ask myself what the fuck I am doin

Whose life am I about to ruin

I'll eat your heart out but why I am chewin


We connect and our rewards are lustful

Filled with actions that are "trustful"

but can we get pass our casual demons

We've lost our souls, how can we break even

Her cravings are beyond physical, She calls out to God in a sense non biblical

We make sense of our destruction, thus making our moments memorable


I say "baby we can't do this"

She says "baby I'm not ready to face the music"

Yet the band plays

The curtains close, yet the band stays

We fuck for an encore

Her head pinned against the armoire

Is this tragic?

Is this an old school romance?

The rooted formula to classics


Baby I miss you

"Can't stop thinking about you"'s turn to

"I wish you were inside me. I'm dreaming about you"'s

Fuck This!

I didn't want love and instead I got an addiction

Filled by a hooded practitioner

With invalid prescriptions

Outdated encryption

We've been through this

We're Too old for these woes

We've lived through this


Rockin steady on some ready to die, you and I

Bonnie and Clyde, I'll take a bullet for you

That Insane: gun to your head-give me the trigger-and I'll pull it for you

We need this

in my gentleman mindset I'm doin her a favor

And she believes this

As we hurt each other I stand numb to the continuous, incredulous beatings

Cause my heart was never hers, thus in safe keeping

Are we in her bubble or my person precinct

Preceding arrest, we're in her bed and never leaving


God fix us

God take back your oil and un-mix us

For we are now contaminated blessings

She lends her body to my testimony

And I can't stop confessing

I can't stop

Ruining us




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