Excuse me if I read my life story in a dark alley.
And side with the evils within this corner to make a dark rally with silent chants. Patiently awaiting lights disruption in a quiet stance.
Corrupted at the slightest chance to be normal.
The suns absence coats us with uniformity
As to never be seen is our normalcy.
Personal space is invaded when you touch my shadow.
Your challenge brands my soul like cattle.
Are you prepared to die in a place unseen?
And be buried in dirt unclean?
Open your eyes in the dark and Undream.

Allow your fears to embrace reality as everything you knew becomes a casualty
We exist
And Even if we lose you in the mist
We reenlist

The dark mix and brotherhood of the brood
Helps me not to feel this bruise
And if this is a dream
Then allow me to put you in the mood
Get drunk off who I was
I hope it goes down smooth

We smoke but you can't see smoke
Just the fading of lit bud ashes
We are the out classed
And the classless

But are you better than the dark terrain that is beneath you
Or more like the society that Bequeathed you
Does the spice of our root displease you
Open your eyes
And see your equal



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