As a single man dating is a bitch. As a gentleman Dating is more of a bitch. You can't trust people today. You can compliment a female politely, plan a nice outing, walk her to her door, and then she can call up some other dude for a fuck. You might as well have called him yourself. It's an insane dating world out here. So this piece is written to empower gentlemen while dating. There are things that we should not tolerate while dating, because we are the Gentlemen. We are paying for the date. We are planning the date. And we are trying to impress a female. The least we can get in return is someone that respects our time and effort. If the date doesn't respect it then things should be checked immediately. Here are some actions that should be checked instantly:

A woman hangs up the phone on you- don't you dare call her back. Your an adult and so is she. If she hangs up on you then she's expecting you to call her back. She should spend less time trying to train you, AS YOUR TRYING TO IMPRESS HER, and more time appreciating your efforts. Don't hang up on me and disrespect me.

She's on her phone during the date- this is your date and your time. Unless she excuses herself to be on the phone, then it's rude to you. If she agrees to come out with you then she, should be able to commit her time as you did. If you pulled out your phone it would be rude to her. Her doing it is no different.

She's being difficult- The female might be going through something. But either way you didn't bring her out on a date to solve a rubics cube. No matter how much you care, her problems are her issues. The mature way of solving her issue would be to openly talk about it. Or she could kindly ask to conclude the date.

Bad Conversation- expressing interest in someone should make them feel flattered to an extent. Your date can at least return the favor by genuinely getting to know you. Your a person you have experiences like everyone else. The least she could do is ask.

She Doesn't Offer You Anything- Only a lady can compliment a gentleman. If she is interested in you, she should offer you something MORE THAN HER BODY. And if she is only offering you her body she might be a hoe sir. But if she's trying to cook for you, or help you finish your work, or text you to make sure that your up in the morning, then her efforts should be appreciated in return.

Ultimately dating is your call as the Gentleman because you are the one paying and planning. Don't let your date have her way with you, because she has a uterus. The world is not in a short supply of pussy, and many women want a Gentlemen. We are in the demand. There should be no reason why we act like we aren't. Part 2 coming soon.


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