Part 1: Dead Rose

Misconstrued and convoluted
She kills herself
As lame niggas watch her do it
The same niggas listen to her music
Allow her to kill herself softly in their beds
Then take her body and misuse it
Dormitory mental imprisonment
For their amusement
Sexual Oppression
She'll learn about dick
but never learn her lesson
These hoes
Pitiful hoes
And the men that train them to get out of their clothes
We know who she is
Before we hear the motel door close
Dead Rose

Part 2: The Hunt (unfinished)

Can we liberate ourselves through each other

Can I trust you to not use my past against me as I let you closer
Can you diagnose my heart as my feet lay on your sofa
Can my
Sexual advances be filtered by circumstances
Where you body is my map
And I'm searching for undiscovered territory

You'll Scream no but mean yes
I crave your schism
As your three holes become my geo-sexual prism

Seduction in four stages I'll connect dots
Neck, Ass to nipples, I'll connect spots


*Disclaimer: No where in this post to I encourage or approve the idea of driving while not focusing on the road. Nor do I enourage or approve the idea of "Texting" while driving. This stunt was not performed by trained professionals. Kids don't do this at home. I am not to be held responsible for the acts of others. And legally you can't prove whether I actually did this while driving or not, so please feel free to kill yourself if your going that far with it. Don't actually kill yourself.

**Disclaimer: DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. It's a saying/joke. Laugh, don't die


These disclaimers went horrible.


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