Before we complicate things with sex I’d rather get to know you……

The pillow talk is fine but to be honest we’re all human. We can do that with anyone. Instead I’d rather find out why your so angry all the time. I’m more interested in what you find interesting. Sex is great and all that but it’s even better when there’s more in it. I can trust you more and really be myself. Connect to you deeper and see where it really takes us. I just don’t want us to make the consistent mistakes of our peers and use sex to find love. Quite the opposite. I’d rather understand where we stand and use sex as our expression. And to be honest, you got me a little open. Just a little bit lol.

I just don’t want this to end up like one of those one night stand-ish relationships where we can only stand each other at night. So if we have to slow it down to appreciate things let’s do that. I promise I’ll do my best to stop making you horny. It’s an ego thing I’m sorry. I’m not pressed for sex, so I don’t need it right here and right now. To be honest it comes and it goes. We can wait. I’m more eager to know who you are.

Things like why you and your mother don’t get along or why do you find cooking to be so relaxing or why do you hate matching socks.

Of course these are little things but I’m interested in knowing them.

I understand this request isn’t easy. I am sure it will create some slight frustration and discomfort. More importantly I’m certain it will create doubt. So let me reassure you, I’m not interested in messing this up.

*Honesty Moment*- I’m doing a lot. It’s hard enough making time for you, much less some another female that really doesn’t matter.

I’m more on that, Me and You against the world vibe so lets be about that. Lets laugh at the way ppl come on to us. Tell me a corny ass line some dude used to get your number. Then I’ll tell you how some chick looked retarded as she laughed at all my jokes (even the bad ones). Lets go to a club one night and see who can get more numbers. But there’s a catch, we gotta have a pretend twitch in our neck that goes off whenever the other person says “the”. I like doin dumb shit like that. I appreciate enjoying life with you like that. I appreciate the idea of us. Whatever “us” is lol. You’re not going anywhere and neither am I. So lets take things slow.

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