We'll hit this obvious ceiling

Through shit that we're feeling

We both need healing

I'm searching for the way that she feels

While she's over her ex's getting sexually healed

Then I'm textually healed by an I miss u

It's countered with an I missed u.

"Ed" for the past tense cause I'm on my way to see you

Your hoping before you get there she see's you

Fresh out the shower to wash off her faulty commitments

she's not mine

But her discern for me builds resentment

Temporary repent-ment

Cause she hugged you n meant it

I mo-ment it-in a memento

Pleased with the current status of my mental

She thinks of him for a second then amends it

I notice but act like I didn't, pretend it

In the midst of our company

Is her Coventry

Of a man she's loyal to as she imagines fucking me

Enjoyable moments tainted with unexplorable omens

We pick our poison out doors

Choosing the less potent

Her smile brings me comfort

so I jump first

Pay her close attention

Foolish females

They'll catch feelings for any man who pays attention to detail

So as she arises from the bed of a man that rejects her

She texts good morning to the man that respects her

"good morning handsome", alarms the phone of the ex's phantom

I smile from the gesture but never really notice our tantrum

Humming for this bird I swerve

For her juice

But as I bite into this apple

I am bitten by the truth

I am a mere fling, flung in sling of mixed emotions

That we're Pre mixed before my time was devoted

I had hoped to save her from this mess

Instead I became a part of it,

Nothing more nothing less


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