In the wake of us there are nothing more than ashes
Piles of arsenic dust that take the place for where our coliseums should have been built
Fallen statues of false Gods that pale in comparison to the ones that would have been built for us
Together, we were almost Christ-like
A force of forces to be reckoned with, only to reconvene in random meetings never speaking
Entertaining other hopefuls as conciliation
Too prideful to mutually submit into reconciliation

But I submit

For the greater good of our Rome
For the benefit of society and life here on earth
You made me a better man
And whether you admit it or not
I helped you to be a better woman
Never had I met the woman destined for me
Until I looked in your eyes and felt God smile in me
This was right
My soul was complete
The rib that was torn from me had been restored
Yet now the ground that I stand in feels empty


The plants grow and frown upon your absence
And I use work as my absinthe
Oh foolish woman don't you understand
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
But the weapons formed from me are my truest demise
A woman is a mans strongest motivator
His strongest sense of commitment and duty
The only true sense of love that a man can ever comprehend

And as our Rome lay in shambles from our clash
I can't help but think of what it could have been
How it could have looked
How our children's children would have ruled?
What if my son would have had your eyes?
What if the sun would have asked you to shine upon it as you did me?
I am strong enough to love your faults because they are yours and you are mine
I stand in Rome alone kneeling before you
Awaiting my Queen to Knight her King
Awaiting the day when we can rebuild
The people will thank us.
God will smile upon us.
The plants will emerge from the ground in ceremony.
And our children's children will be the vessels for blessings far beyond our comprehension

In life we are destined to be great
We will become greater than whatever we wish
God will deliver on our requests because we serve him greater within Rome

The minds that we possess can and will do all things.
But you are apart of my mind.
You are who I am meant to be with.
We create Rome, but you are my Eden.
There is no paradise without you.
If a man were to be sent to heaven incomplete then what would heaven be to him?
What sense would it make to live in salvation without his soul?
There'd be no need to dance
No need to celebrate
He would await his truest loves arrival
For without her heaven is as incomplete as he is
And if I died today I would wait on you
Want you
And pray
To have our Rome


This letter J is provided by:  JPDrake