Give your daughter an idea of the man she should be with by being that man.


Tell your son you love him. Never let a boy question whether his father loves him or not.


Open a door because it is the nice thing to do. Being courteous is your favor to the world. A needed favor.


Never do anything kind with the intent of it being returned. Expectation is a selfish ideal; literally, it is what YOU expect. The effort placed from your deed might be more needed elsewhere.


In my personal opinion, your attire is not as important as your attitude or mindset. You have to look the part but you also have to be the part. Does that make sense?


Constantly improve who you are.


A Gentleman pays attention to small details, especially those of his wife. And if you feel that only your wife deserves this effort, then think of this; you'll have to practice on your girl friend.


In no instance should a Gentleman ever have to call a woman out of her name. And if you strongly feel the need to then you should separate yourself from that woman. We don't step out of character.


Own a suit. And in case you didn't read that correctly. BUY A DAMN SUIT. You should own several. Also get your suits tailored to your fitting. When you get a bit fancier invest in ties, bow ties, and cuff links.


Appreciate a good watch.


Pay attention to your crowd and atmosphere. There is a time and a place for everything.


Avoid Drama. A better setting typically yields a better result.


Do not judge others for the way they live. There is nothing chivalrous about putting someone down or not trying to understand them.


Gentlemen are peaceful and kind.


Chivalry is not merely a practice towards women, it is a practice towards everyone. It begins with respect and is maintained through empathy.


Love is the most important thing in this world. Never do something without it.


When you really think about it there is nothing to be upset about. Start smiling. Then spread that smile.


Flowers can go a long way.


If you don't have the time for something you want then make the time.


Learning is a part of life. Try your best to make your trials and errors your own. No one should have to pay for your mistakes.


If you ever hurt anyone be there for them. Never be the person that hurt you.


Your woman should never go through a troubling time by herself. Yet in retrospect, if she needs space give it to her.


Never abandon a friend.


Give all of who you are to someone that deserves it.


Over investing your chivalry into someone who doesn't appreciate it, will only result in you hurting yourself.


Be thankful for all that you have.


Men are insanely territorial yet afraid of expression. Never become so wrapped up in your pride that you can't tell your wife or girl friend that you love them in public.


Romance is in every man. Its just a matter of effort.


All a man has is his word. All he can truly give is his strength. He'll either give it for the woman he loves or submit it to the woman he loves. He'll never use it against her.


Listen to positive music. It goes along way. I'm not saying don't listen to other music. I'm saying don't alway listen to other music.


This may be a challenge but try to understand women.


Women do many things out of "Comfort". Thus you should keep your woman comfortable, in all aspects of life.


As a man; do not allow anyone to walk all over you.


Help your fellow man to be a gentleman, but don't judge him if he's not.


The more passionate the sex the more she'll enjoy it. Unless she just wants that aggression. In that case give her both.


No woman wants to feel like a piece of meat. But there are times where your girl friend/wife might want to feel like your slut. (Because she yours and your hers there is a love background to it)


In chivalry, violence is not the answer to violence, and hate is not the answer to hate. Love is the only answer.


*Something to think about: As the days pass by and our lives go on, and eventually end in this plane. How will you be remembered?