It wasn't hard to write the J Series at all. Every post came from a sincere place and emotion. For instance, many people loved my April Hughes story, yet I spent more time finding the correct image to match the story than actually writing it. There was nothing for me to make up. I literally just wrote down my experience. Rome played on my imaginative elements of myself and J, and how amazing I thought we would be together.  The Black Dress post actually started out as a dream. I wrote the dream down, and promised to come back to it for minor touch ups, but I spent so much time writing 10,000 I Love You's that I forgot the dream. But I remembered the emotion of what I felt for this woman. In that emotion I was able to create Black Dress. I imagined J in a black dress and painted the story from there. Invincible was the only piece that I had an actual hard time writing because of the topic being discussed. I poured my heart out into this until there was nothing left.

 What surprised me the most from this collection of work was the reaction that I got. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. People told me that they loved my work. I was advised to make some pieces into plays. I was told that people wanted to buy hard copies. Most importantly, I was told again and again and again, that it inspired people to write. J was such a significant woman to me because she responded to a much older piece of mine in a poetic form. She told me that I inspired her to write and not only did she do a great job, but what she wrote made me want to write to her and only her forever. The surge of words that I normally felt in my head ran 10 times faster than usual and everything that I touched or saw became ordained in positive feelings. That doesn't just happen. In a sense the J Series was my attempt to have that back into my life. And if for whatever grand scheme she is not meant to be back in my life then at least I can say that other people were affected. People who didn't enjoy reading, would tell me how they loved reading my pieces. Women who had been abused told me how much April Hughes meant to them. The artists in manifesto were able to connect to myself and readers going through similar emotions. Many women reacted to Him Understanding Her, in such a strong sense that I was asked to speak with boyfriends lol. I would have to say that my most heart felt accomplishment was from the Ventriloquist Series in the Poem dedicated to R. I won't even tell you what was said I'll let you read it for yourself at the bottom. The energy placed into this series was flipped 10 fold and I love it. This Series opened opportunities for me and most of all other people. That is what makes it so special. That is how you know this work was genuine. I'm happy to say that I followed through with it.

If J does ever come back into my life maybe I'll resurrect the J Series as a mini series alongside the King Series. But so much has been happening that I can truly see that God has a plan for me. I've been meeting people that write for this company and screen right here and there, while getting requests to write here and there. I was told to never stop writing, so I haven't stopped. And God keeps giving me different and newer venues to write in. Literally, if it's not one thing it's another. I'm writing several times, everyday. I feel like my life is changing. I already know that by the end of this year my life will be in a different place. All I am doing is following what God is telling me and experiencing his glory. Sorry to get too preachy, this all just feels so amazing. It's like one moment I'm looking down at a key board and typing and then the next, I'm looking up at all these people applauding. People have taken time out of their busy days to send me page long messages of how talented of a writer I am. That is surreal to me. In closing, I want to thank everyone for reading, enjoying, and connecting to the J Series. I'll never stop writing. The King Series is up next. 

This is an email that I got from @soul_cypher pertaining to the Ventriloquist posts that we teamed up on.  This make everything worth it. 

king Series. First