Rules of my Strength:

  1. If you are strong enough to help than you should
  2. Don't just pray for me. Do something to help me
  3. Who I am is manifested in what I believe. I believe in myself and something far greater.
  4. Strength is the award of pain.
  5. You are strong for yourself and your preservation, but mostly you are strong for those that are weaker.
  6. As men we are taught to reject our feelings. I feel stronger the more I embrace them.
  7. Passion and strength go hand in hand. It is almost the make up of integrity
  8. You will never know true strength until you have forgiven someone that had wronged you.
  9. Your body is your temple. Work on it. Shape it. Be proud of it.
  10. The more effort you put into you, the more confidence you will build
  11. Never place your confidence within the hands of someone else. That is too much responsibility.
  12. In my opinion, he greatest person you can become is your closest reflection of God.
  13. You see yourself in your head everyday. Become that person
  14. To find your strength never compromise on who you are and what you believe.
  15. The person you choose to be with, or the people you choose to be around, should make you stronger. Never weaker.
  16. Be strong enough to know when you need to submit. Arrogance or over assertiveness will make you more enemies than friends.
  17. People should respect your power, not fear your power.
  18. Every emotion can tie back to strength. It all depends on how you use it.
  19. If you ever lose your strength you can find it at the root of who you are. Your purpose. And your love. Never your hate. Hate is merely aggressive energy. Not necessarily strength. Hatred is more like possession.
  20. Last for now: This is based on a belief in God. It is told that God is in each and every one of us. With that being said, that means that some part of you, no matter how small, is all powerful and invincible. Find that part.

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