The Ending I'd Rather Not Write


This the part of the story where our past gets the best of us. This is the part where the thought of whatever we had joins the forgotten abyss. I can hear life playing a piano riff in the background as we grow farther and farther apart. Years pass by before we run into each other again and I'll vaguely remember you. Your eyes will remind me of something that I once felt but I won't remember why. The emotion I will feel will be feint, yet terrifying to me. The both of us would have moved on to the lives that we always desired. You'll ascend into your beliefs whereas I will change the world as we know it. We are what we are for a reason. And think that you can agree that we become what we become for a reason. In this ending our fears of each other truly get the best of us. The happily ever after that is told to us in our youth becomes just a fairy tale. And I say that not necessarily because we will never be happier with other people, but I cannot say with confidence that we will be at our happiest. In this ending, in this ultimate conclusion, the "what we could have been", is a question forever embedded in eternity. Unfortunately, we'll never know. The thoughts, energies, and intellect that we could have acquired from each other becomes lost endeavors and story lines that I'll create in the near future. I don't know if we are meant to be together. But I do know that we will run into each other again. So far I have always been right. For our sake, I hope this ending is wrong. 


The Ending I'd Rather Write


I believe that Love is Love and I believe that destiny is destiny. I do not believe that things do not happen for a reason. We felt what we felt for a reason greater than us. I don't know if we are meant to be together. Initially, I did feel that way but other people have entered my life. They made me feel.....appreciated. They made me feel like I can trust them, which is a lot coming from me. They haven't made me feel like you did, but I did feel something. This is the ending where I have some sort of relationship with you. In this ending I see you clearly. We are smiling and laughing about something. I can imagine you giving me that intriguing stare of yours and something inside me smiles. And I can't lie, in this ending you matter to me. Your concerns and issues are mine. Your happiness is one of my top priorities. In this version of the story we do share a deep connection, that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am your protector at my core. I see us emitting an energy into the world that is unseen. People smile just from being near us. People are motivated to do more just by talking to us. Whatever we become together in this ending, it is something beyond the normal plane of existence. Life itself just seems happier. Well let me be more accurate, in both endings life seems happy but in this outcome life seems to be at its' happiest. Almost as if it reaches its fullest potential. Not to let my dreamy imagination take over, but I see us all over the world. In each place we touch we touch the lives of others, while taking in everything that is them. What if you could understand life itself? In my vision of this ending we ascend far pass what we could ever imagine. This ending feels more accurate than the prior. It feels more true. If there is anything you know or knew about me it was that I never deny myself what I feel. I channel my emotions. In this image of us smiling together, something feels right. To be honest I'm happier just thinking about it. 

    This letter J provided by:  JulienKraakman


This letter J provided by: JulienKraakman