His name was Ricky. Ricky was a typical douche bag that got too far lost in the system. A usual degenerate that was raised in a broken home, that broke into the wrong bank and got his ass sent to prison. No one got hurt and no money was robbed so his time spent wasn't long. He got out before he was 23. By 26 he found his way into the mafia. The sight of this 6'2 260 pound idiot rolling with people with at least a segment of decency made me sick. They were really letting up on the standards if good ole Ricky could get in. The money came fast along after every assignment, but every assignment had it's casualties. His most recent hit involved the death of another douche with a boy fetish named Tony Malone. I don't know what Tony did, but he pissed off the wrong people. Ricky wasn't too fond of homosexuals so he took pleasure in this hit. He shot the poor guy as he was in the hospital. Unfortunately, some gay kid by the name of Anthony was in the room as well. Sloppy ass Ricky entered Tony's room but never thought to check the bathroom. Poor Anthony exited the bathroom to see Ricky with the gun in his hand and Tony leaking all over the place. Ricky emptied two shots into the boys chest and left before the hospital nurses got the emergency flatline call. I can't lie though imagining his chubby ass struggling down a flight of 4 stairs is a funny image. What I wouldn't have given to see that fat asthmatic struggle to breathe.


From that close call, the life was catching up to him. He started getting bored with the women, money, and drugs. Sooner or later he developed a new strange fetish; something that really turned him on. He developed a thing for tying his women up and putting them in costumes. But the catch was he couldn't know who they were. It became difficult for him to satisfy this urge due to the nature of its demands. Eventually his crazy fetish led to me; Lenny Garmes. Most people just call me Lenny. I made a bit of a name for myself in the underground sex ring, and the strange and unusual just so happened to be my specialty. I could get you whatever you want. Swinger parties on Yochts, beastiality in Zoos, all celebrity gang bangs, you name it I've arranged it. So when little Ricky here, came to me with his problem I knew exactly what to do. Time after time I set him up in this basement on the far side of town. I gave him the key to the door and everything. I just sent him a text for when to go. In about an hour or so he'd show up to find a female bent over a shipping crate dressed in a mascot outfit. For the next two months he became my best customer. Every few days or so he'd show up, walk into the basement, unfasten some girls bottom flap and then just go at it until he was finished. One day I'd decided to surprise him with a special order free of charge. You could call it customer appreciation.


Ricky walked into the basement at 10 pm, eager to get straight to it as always. I told him that she was only into anal, so I knew that would really make him happy. He saw her in a pretty pink bunny mascot outfit. The pants were a little tight but Ricky didn't see any problem. All he saw was a smooth bony ass in front of him just like he liked it. Her blonde hair poked out a little past the bottom of the head opening of the mascot. Ricky couldn't wait to pull out and rip that mask off and paint the face of whatever pretty face was under that helmet. As he pounded her brains away he noticed that this girl didn't struggle like the others. That turned him on even more, making every stroke more aggressive. She just took it. Hell she didn't even scream or cry. "Oh this bitch is a straight slut" he thought to himself. He felt his orgasm creeping towards the tip. Just a few strokes away. Before letting off inside of her he pulled out and ran around the crate towards her face. He yanked off the helmet as fast as he could. Those long blonde strands of hair bunched together in sweat, over the face of someone Ricky never met. I gave Jimmy exactly what he liked...kind've. Ricky knew something was wrong when he got a better look at the face beneath and noticed a strong jaw line and facial hair stubble. The blonde hair belonged to a kid by the name of Jimmy. Ricky panicked. He fell to his knees screaming "WHAT THE FUCK"!, "WHAT THE FUCK"! He kicked and screamed himself away from the crate, forcing his exposed legs to drag across the filthy floor of the basement. The filth was also apart of his request by the way.  He screamed at Jimmy "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU"! "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU'! But no answer ever came out of Jimmy's mouth. A closer observation would see that Jimmy's tongue had melted out.  A smarter man could see the burn marks traveling down the kids throat. I made sure that Jimmy had been forced to drink just enough acid to melt his voice box. Stupid Ricky wouldn't find that out for another couple hours or so; long after the heavy door was locked and bolted from the outside with a master lock key.  I've been meaning to get this key remade by the way.


You see stupid Ricky and stupid Jimmy brought this on themselves. Poor Tony was already on his death Bed from full blown aids. That 17 year old punk Jimmy was caught sneaking in and out of Tony's house a few times. Tony told everybody that he had simply hired Jimmy as an intern to run live chat sessions, to the west coast, on a website that he owned. That story would've made more sense, if his boyfriend Anthony, didn't find pictures of Tony and Jimmy fucking, in Jimmy's phone. Kids these days. I was never a huge fan of my little brother being gay. When he first came out about it, I teased him for it. I might've even beat him up a few times. It was just too hard to deal with. When Jimmy came around though, I saw that my little bro was actually happy. I was still uncomfortable, but I knew in time it wouldn't really bother me. As soon as my little brother told me about Jim's unfaithfulness, I went with him get tested. Jimmy was just another one of Anthony's friends to me. Him cheating was a bit too far out of my comfort zone so I didn't really care to hear too much about it from Anthony. My only concern was my little brother. When the HIV test came back positive, I lost it. Luckily, it was caught early enough. Jimmy on the other hand wasn't so lucky. On the day that Ricky shot my little brother he was confronting Tony on why he had taken Jimmy from him. Tony wasn't just some random guy. Tony was like a mentor to Anthony. My brother only went up to the hospital to get answers. He wasn't the type of guy to start trouble or seek revenge. All he ever wanted was to understand and seek the truth. Ricky stole that from him that day. Jimmy stole my brothers chance at a normal life. What hurt the most was that I never got the chance to tell my little brother that I accepted him for the man he was. For that I had to steal something back in return. I befriended Jimmy to begin my plan. The kid told me everything. I knew all I needed to know; When he was expected to die and whether or not he trusted me. A few doctors visits by his side earned that trust. A few stories and bull shit ideas of "hope for a cure" earned that trust. A few days before Jimmy's death I convinced him and the hospital staff to release him so that he can die living a "normal life". Things started off normal, until I easily over powered him and strapped him into a chair, pulled back that blonde hair and poured a 1/4th cup of battery acid down his throat. He screamed, until the drips hit the right spot, and sound wasn't there anymore. From there the rest is history. A held a Chloroform soaked cloth over his face, got him into that mascot out fit and let the devil do his work. So to those two bastards currently stuck in that basement all I have to say is this: Jimmy, when you see my brother tell him I miss him. Ricky...see you in hell.


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